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Mission Statement


Synaptic Youth and the ORBUS© curriculum aim to deliver a unique and innovative educational program.  This resourse helps children and parents living in Colorado to use direct brain knowledge and skills to live safer and healthier lives.  According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, states in the Rocky Mountain West, including Colorado, consistently demonstrate drug and dangerous influences, including youth suicide, substantially above the national averages.




Dr. Copelan Inaugurates Parent-Child Human Brain Classes


Our Remarkable Brain (ORBUS)© curriculum had its beginning in Colorado in 1983.  Now, following 20 years of evidence-based research, the program returns to Grand Junction, Colorado to present the nation’s inaugural class sponsored by the Mesa County Library District.  The second class will take place on Febuary 9, 2012, and has already attracted a wide audience of parents and children.


“Our Remarkable Brain program is all about parent-child connectedness,” said Russell Copelan, MD, founder of the program, and former director of the forensic sciences research center and instructor in brain anatomy at Colorado Mesa University.  “This breathtaking program uses a real human brain during the two hour class.  It's a hands-on opportunity.  What better way to provide parents and their children with an unforgettable life and educational experience.” 


According to Dr. Copelan “research indicates family connectedness is a leading protective factor against youth involvement in alcohol, other drug use, bullying conduct, and suicidal behavior.  Brain study reinforces this protecting factor.”  There is no cost to students and families.

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